Regnum AMA Rewards !

Razor Studio
Feb 7, 2022


Dear Regnum Community,

We want to make the best ever AMA on Dx APES group, to make this we are going to giveaway our special NFT Dx Dragons. Our game will include hatchery and evolving system of Dragons, we will have 4 levels and 5 classes for dragons. Players can earn incomes with hatching eggs or evolving babies and youngs. We will give 20 NFT Dx Dragons which are includes all class and all levels. You can see them on Regnum`s Airnfts Page.

All you need to do;

⬇️ ➡️Follow both pages

🔄RT Regnum`s Pinned AMA Post

↔️Tag 3 People

Meet with us, right time on DxSale APES Telegram Group.

We`re inviting to our AMA with Dx Apes.

11.02.2022 21:00 UTC