Regnum Presale Rewards

Razor Studio
2 min readFeb 11, 2022


The Regnum Remembers!

We are showing our honesty to your loyalty! We have prepared special loyal wolves for you. Who has faith in Regnum Game, who will wait DxSale Counterdown to Contribute and start our amazing launch will be rewarded with loyal Regnum Wolves!

They are superweapon in the Regnum Game. They are unique and priceless, we won`t have wolf in the game apart of them! Think how are they valuable!

99 first buyers will own our loyalty wolves In the first 30 minutes!

Transaction page will show the winner list! That will be fair enough!

Let`s meet on presale page in right time! 12.02.2022 18:00 UTC


First 33 Buyers with 5 BNB Contribute >> Alpha

Attack 8000 / Defence 8000


First 33 Buyers with 3 BNB Contribute >> Beta

Attack 7000 / Defence 7000


First 33 Buyers with 1 BNB Contribute >>

Omega Attack 6000 / Defence 6000